This is a natural family blog…

This is a natural family blog…

Wh­at does a ­natural family blog deal in? For example if it were a music group, Edo could play in the field with the instruments to take care and cultivate the olives and make extra virgin olive oil (evoo). Sometimes he could harmonize his life with some bees, to make honey. Edo is the expert of the group. Then there’s Francesca. She is interested in cooking, using most of the time ingredients coming from the field, following special and natural recipe. She’s also passionate about remedies for health care, coming from the Tuscan tradition. Furthermore there are two kids. They are interested in inventions and games of course, made with paper or wood, that the family can do together at home or in the garden.

This blog talk about all these things, how you can do this and that, with a point of view in what is happening in the moment. For example about the seasons, and about what quality of our oil is going to be. Which prevision for 2015 oil? It should be a very good year, of quality more than quantity. I hope that everything turns out for the best!

All these tasks are done by the blog family in the nature, looking around their fields, their garden, and vegetable garden. The position is on the hill of Fiesole and if you don’t live around, It’s a wonderful hill that looks Florence. Fiesole was an Etruscan settlement, hundreds of years before the Roman’s appear to set up Florentia, now Firenze.

This blog is written to share the passion for natural foods, for tasty and health diet, for natural remedies coming from Tuscan tradition, for games to do with the all family.

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