bears an imprint, my own;
the imprint of my experience and
knowledge of the olive tree,
and of my passion for oil. Why?
To let people know that everything
in this bottle of extra-virgin olive oil,
comes entirely from the work of my hands..
Edo Bichi


My love for Nature and farming dates back to my childhood which was spent in the Maremma region in southern Tuscany. I grew up in a farmer’s family and played amidst the olive trees and fields and later helped my family tend their olive grove not far from the ancient ruins of the Etruscan city of Roselle. Wishing to study Agriculture, I moved to Florence and before graduating from the University of Florence, I served an Organic Agriculture internship in Toulouse (France). In that same period I met my future wife, Francesca, who now lives with me in Fiesole. It so happened that her family owned an olive grove and I leapt at the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the field of olive trees. Meeting Marco Mugelli, an expert in virgin and extra virgin oil and olive growing, was another important circumstance that influenced my career choice. I started to work with several commercial farms, while personally tending to the cultivation of olive trees and the production process at the oil mill and over the years I mastered the best management techniques for obtaining the highest quality level Extra Virgin Olive oil (EVO oil). I’m registered at the National Olive Oil Tasters Official Association and hold olive and fruit farming courses, as well as oil tasting courses.

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